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Love Ssega // Live @ Zandari Festa Review

Love Ssega is a neo-funk pop artist from London who has come out to Seoul for Zandari Festa on the Sound City cohort, and he played a smasher of a set at the MUV Hall for the British Night last night. With a catalogue of high quality music and the critical acclaim to go with, I was expecting a pretty solid performance. I was not disappointed.

So Love Ssega was the perfect opener for the British Night. Upbeat vibes and just all round positive energy made his set great. His music is a healthy mix of retro influences and sleek modern soul, sprinkled with melodic rap and bouncy vocal melodies. Each of his tracks erupt in brilliant catchy choruses that got the Zandari crowd chanting along. This showed in a certain fan at the front who was seriously breaking it down for the duration of the set. I think his fantastic shirt also helped a little.

Love Ssega Live | Kycker Reviews

Some might say that the fact that Love Ssega sang to a backing track is a negative, but I think it just amplifies the fact that he is commanding the stage and the crowd totally by himself. His comedic crowd interactions and infectious energy (plus the fact that the guy was obviously loving it) made Love Ssega’s set impossible to dislike. He’s a pretty solid dancer too!

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