Weekend Recovery – “Bite Your Tongue” Single Review

Over the years we have seen many great garage / grunge / punk bands surface from the Leeds music scene. Weekend Recovery are the new frontrunners. Blending old school punk energy with modern style, Weekend Recovery are not ones to miss. Here’s our review of their single “Bite Your Tongue”!

This track is a real breakthrough for Weekend Recovery. It shows off varying guitar sounds, catchy punk melodies that never misstep, and the track always maintains it’s footing. The track starts with some majorly crusty guitars played in a rhythm almost reminiscent of something Paramore would have written in an alternate universe where had they kept their attitude and punk energy. The verses employ the use of great sounding guitar effects and well rounded vocal melodies, while the chorus is a heavy hitter, showing off some tremendous vocal hooks and garage punk fire. The track boasts a wonderfully horrid bridge section that has hints of early Slaves, and brings the track to a grand finish with another chorus.

“The single is about people being up and down with you – like saying one thing but doing the opposite and you wanting to shake them and scream what do you actually want? But instead you bite your tongue because that responsibility lies with them and not you.” – Says single Lori about the single.

This band has been pleasantly surprising us for a while now, and we have no doubt that the future holds great things for them as they take their accessible garage punk sounds nationwide!

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